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Chevelon Butte School District #5
The mission of the District is to contract with cooperating school districts for the provision of comprehensive, success-oriented learning activities for young
people who reside in the District, and to provide safe and efficient transportation of the students to the cooperating schools in which they are enrolled.

Chevelon Butte Elementary School District # 5 elects to transport our students to neighboring districts. We work in partnership to give each student the opportunity for an education they may carry forward into their lifetime.

The community of Forest Lakes students attend:

The community of Blue Ridge students attend:

Chevelon Butte School District #5 hand-carved welcome sign


Office Hours / Contacts

Chevelon Butte Office Building

Administrative office in Forest Lakes
   Chevelon Butte School District building
   3031 Old Rim Road (lot 417)
   P.O. Box 1574
   Forest Lakes, AZ 85931

   Office hours:
      Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 3:30pm
      Friday 7:00am - 12:30pm


Angela Plantholt Administrative Offive Manager
Dr. Sue Bradley Transportation Superintendent









Updated: Sep-24-19