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Chevelon Butte School District #5
The mission of the District is to contract with cooperating school districts for the provision of comprehensive, success-oriented learning activities for young
people who reside in the District, and to provide safe and efficient transportation of the students to the cooperating schools in which they are enrolled.

Chevelon Butte Elementary School District # 5 elects to transport our students to neighboring districts. We work in partnership to give each student the opportunity for an education they may carry forward into their lifetime.

The community of Forest Lakes students attend:

The community of Blue Ridge students attend:

Chevelon Butte School District #5 hand-carved welcome sign


Budgets and Annual Financial Reports


Fiscal Year
(July 1 to June 30)
Annual Budgets Annual Financial Report
Other ADE Reports ADE Proposed Budget Reports

ADE Adopted Budget Reports

ADE Budget Submitted Search

ADE Annual Financial Reports
FY2020 (7-2019 to 7-2020) FY 2020 Budget as of 2019-07-09 ( PDF 277kb) FY2020 Annual Report (PDF 1034Kb)
FY2019 (7-2018 to 7-2019) FY 2019 Budget as of 2018-06-09 ( PDF 277kb) FY2019 Annual Report (PDF 1034Kb)
FY2018 (7-2017 to 7-2018) FY 2018 Budget as of 2017-06-09 ( PDF 277kb) FY2018 Annual Report (PDF 1034Kb)
FY2017 (7-2016 to 7-2016)

FY 2017 Revised Budget as of 2016-12-15 ( PDF 271kb)

FY 2017 Budget as of 2016-06-28 ( PDF 271kb)

FY2017 Annual Report (PDF 150Kb)
FY2016 (7-2015 to 6-2016)

FY 2016 Revised Budget as of 2016-06-14 ( PDF 292kb)

FY 2016 Revised Budget as of 2016-05-10 ( PDF 292kb)

FY 2016 Adopted Budget as of 2015-07-14 (PDF 282kb)

FY2016 Annual Report (PDF 190Kb)
FY2015 (7-2014 to 6-2015)

FY 2015 Revised Budget as of 2015-05-12 ( PDF 270kb)

FY 2015 Revised Budget as of 2014-12-08 (Nov 10th revision PDF 271kb)

FY 2015 Adopted Budget as of 2014-06-25 (PDF 270kb)

FY2015 Annual Report (PDF 194Kb)
FY2014 (7-2013 to 6-2014)

FY 2014 Revised Budget as of 2014-05-13 (PDF 281kb)

FY 2014 Revised Budget as of 2013-12-03 (PDF 281kb)

FY 2014 Adopted Budget as of 2013-07-09 (PDF 281kb)

FY 2014 Proposed Budget
as of 2013-06-19
(PDF 281kb)

FY 2014 Proposed Budget ADE Summary

FY2014 Annual Report (PDF 195Kb)
FY2013 (7-2012 to 6-2013)

FY 2013 Revised Adopted Budget
as of 2013-05-14
(PDF 201kb)

FY 2013 Revised Adopted Budget
as of 2012-12-12
(PDF 201kb)

FY 2013 Adopted Budget
as of 2012-07-10
(PDF 30kb)

FY2013 Annual Report (PDF 230Kb)
FY2012 (7-2011 to 6-2012) FY 2012 Revised Budget
as of 2012-05-08
(PDF 1.4Mb)
FY2012 Annual Report (PDF 228Kb)
  FY 2012 Adopted Budget (PDF 374KB)
FY 2012 Budget
(PDF 805Kb)
FY2011 (7-2010 to 6-2011) FY 2011 Budget (PDF 1.3Mb) FY2011 Annual Report (PDF 46Kb)
FY2010 (7-2009 to 6-2010) FY 2010 Budget (PDF 1Mb) FY2010 Annual Report (PDF 233Kb)
You can also view ADE website:
FY2009 (7-2008 to 6-2009) FY 2009 Budget (PDF 1Mb)

FY2009 Annual Report (PDF 436Kb)

FY2008 (7-2007 to 6-2008)   FY2008 Annual Report (PDF 337Kb)
Annual Financial Reports are also available at:
Budgets and Annual Reports require Adobe PDF Reader to be installed (free download)




Updated: Jul-17-19